Arsenal fans unable to recreate last season’s atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium


Arsenal fans have had their bubble burst by their team’s performances at the end of last season. The Emirates Stadium was praised for its electric atmosphere last season as the Gunners charged for the title.

However, the fans haven’t been able to recreate the same atmosphere as last year. Even playing in the Champions League after 10 years and having a good run hasn’t been enough for the fans to forget about last season’s heartbreak.

Optimism was at its peak during last season

At one point, an Emirates Stadium ticket was the hottest in town. So much so, that tickets for the final game of the season were being sold for around £50,000, months before the match was even due to take place. It is claimed that some were going for as much as £53,000. Such was the excitement to see Arsenal lift the Premier League trophy after 19 long years.

But alas, that fantasy never became a reality as Arsenal bottled their lead in the final games of the season. That seems to have killed the fan’s optimism. The atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium has been rather flat despite the team doing well in the Premier League and Champions League.

Still time for Arsenal to rekindle Emirates Stadium atmosphere

With success, naturally the demand for tickets will increase and so will the number of supporters. The lost passion and excitement of the fans will also return, resulting in electric atmospheres at the Arsenal home stadium.

The Gunners are currently on the right track to achieve that. They are very much in the title race, sitting 3rd on the table, just 1 point behind table toppers Manchester City. Barring a mini-disaster in the final two group games, Arsenal will qualify for the knockout rounds of the Champions League.

If they remain there or there about with their performances heading into 2024, there is nothing to suggest the Emirates Stadium won’t be back to its old best for the season run-in.

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