Controversial Premier League Player Rankings: Mo Salah at 5, Heung-min Son Surprises at 3

When it comes to ranking the top players in the Premier League, opinions are bound to clash.

Recently, football pundit Janusz Michallik took to ESPN to determine the top five players in English football, and his choices have sparked quite a debate.

Controversial Rankings

Janusz Michallik, in his quest to identify the top players in English football, placed Mo Salah at the fifth position. The Egyptian superstar, a two-time PFA Player of the Year, was positioned lower than many expected. Michallik defended his choice by emphasizing Salah’s indispensable role in Liverpool’s success.


“Without him, look at Liverpool. He’s involved in just about every goal Liverpool scores, and in my opinion, he continues to be absolutely superb with this newer team as well.”

Erling Haaland, the prolific Man City striker, found himself at the fourth position on Michallik’s list, above Salah. The Norwegian sensation has been a revelation since joining the Premier League but fell short of the top spot according to Michallik’s ranking. His combination of speed and scoring prowess makes him a formidable force on the pitch.

Heung-min Son Rated Above Haaland and Salah

Another intriguing inclusion on Michallik’s list was Tottenham Hotspur’s Heung-min Son. The South Korean forward has been in remarkable form this season, with six goals already to his name. Spurs’ strong start to the season owes much to Son’s incredible performances and his partnership with James Maddison. Michallik expressed his admiration for Son further, stating,

“At number three, I put Heung-min Son. I love what he’s done. He’s doing what I thought he would do after that season where he finished top of the scoring charts with Salah.”

Top 2 in the Premier League

Michallik awarded second place to Martin Odegaard, acknowledging the Norwegian midfielder’s impressive contributions. Odegaard’s creativity and vision have been a key factor in Arsenal’s resurgence, earning him high praise from pundits and fans alike. His exceptional playmaking abilities have elevated Arsenal’s midfield.

Lastly, at the pinnacle of Michallik’s ranking is Rodri, Manchester City’s midfield maestro. Known for his composure as well as his precise passing, Rodri has been a linchpin in City’s title defense. His ability to control the tempo of matches and break down opponents’ attacks has made him an invaluable asset to his team.

A Matter of Opinion

Although, Michallik’s rankings are subjective and open to interpretation, they have sparked lively discussions among football enthusiasts. Many fans may find it surprising to see Salah, who has consistently been a standout performer for Liverpool, ranked fifth. Salah’s versatility, goal-scoring ability, and impact on games make him a contender for the top spot.

Nevertheless, Heung-min Son deserves his spot in the rankings as It mirrors his consistently impressive performances for Tottenham Hotspur. His ability to adapt to new responsibilities, take on a leadership role, and maintain his goal-scoring prowess is truly commendable.

However, Erling Haaland’s ranking as the fourth-best player in the Premier League, might raise eyebrows among his admirers. Haaland’s goal-scoring prowess is nothing short of remarkable, and he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to find the back of the net consistently. His speed, strength, and clinical finishing set him apart from many other strikers in the league. Furthermore, Haaland’s presence on the field can single-handedly change the outcome of a match, making him a true game-changer.

In the end, football rankings will always be a matter of opinion, and while Michallik’s choices have generated debate, they also highlight the immense talent and competitiveness in the Premier League. Whether you agree with the rankings or not, one thing is certain: the Premier League continues to be a stage where footballing excellence thrives, and players like Salah, Son, Haaland, and Rodri make it a league worth watching.

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