Dave Hendrick suggests stripping Man City of their titles

Manchester City

Speaking on Anfield index, Dave Hendrick gave his blunt view on Everton’s 10-point deduction. He also gave his opinion on what would be a fair punishment for Manchester City and Chelsea.

This comes after Premier League announced a 10-point deduction for Everton on Friday. An independent commission held Everton guilty of breaching the league’s profitability and stability rules (PSR).

“Everton have been docked 10 points, which is not necessarily enough, but certainly a good punishment for their cheating,” Hendrick stated. He elaborated on the club’s shock and disappointment. He hinting at an inevitable appeal to avoid lawsuits from relegated teams due to Everton’s actions. Hendrick’s perspective is clear: Everton’s survival in the Premier League led to the relegation of other clubs, notably citing Burnley’s financial losses and the impact on other teams.

“This is going to get messy”

Dave Hendrick pointed out that Everton’s first accusations of breaking profit and sustainability rules surfaced during the 2021-22 season. He emphasized that if Everton had been penalized then, teams like Burnley might have avoided relegation. The discussion highlighted Everton’s precarious financial state, impending lawsuits, and the burden of a new stadium they can’t afford. “This is going to get messy,” Hendrick warned, foreseeing a complex and long legal battle ahead for Everton.

Dave Hendrick suggests what might be an effective way to punish clubs like Man City

Shifting focus to Manchester City, Hendrick brought up the 115 charges against them. He suggested that City’s punishment, if similar to Everton’s, might not be as impactful. He stated: “Relegating them… won’t really punish them at all. It’ll slow them down for a year or two, but that’s it.”

Dave is strongly of the opinion of stripping City of their titles, insisting that relegation alone wouldn’t suffice. He also suggested that independent auditors should oversee the club’s operations to ensure compliance with financial fair play rules.

According to Dave, stripping titles is the only way to effectively punish clubs like City and Chelsea for their financial misdeeds. He drew parallels with Juventus’ title stripping and Saracens’ relegation in rugby, underscoring the importance of removing illegally obtained titles from the record books.

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