Luis Diaz’s Shirt Message: FA’s Decision After Liverpool Star’s Rule Breach


In his first game after his parents were taken, Liverpool star Luis Diaz scored a big goal. He showed a message calling for his dad’s release. The Football Association (FA) understood the special situation and didn’t punish him because he didn’t fully take off his shirt.

Luis Diaz’s parents were kidnapped by a group called the ELN in Colombia. His mom got free, but his dad is still missing. Diaz scored a goal, and he lifted his shirt to say ‘Freedom for Papa.’ He also asked for help on social media and from international groups.

The ELN, a radical group, said they would let his dad go, but they wanted safety first because of Diaz’s goal and appeals.

Trouble Caused To Luis Diaz And His Family In Colombia

Armed men on motorcycles kidnapped the parents of Liverpool midfielder Luis Diaz in Barrancas, Colombia. The police later rescued his mother, Cilenis Marulanda, but his father is still missing. President Gustavo Petro sent the army to find Diaz’s father, and the Colombian soccer federation supports quick action from authorities.

Luis Diaz, a 26-year-old Colombian international, was absent from Liverpool’s match against Nottingham Forest. Liverpool has expressed its concern and made the welfare of Diaz a top priority. Colombia’s Police Director advised being careful about saying Diaz’s father was in Venezuela, noting the challenging landscape. FIFA has also offered support and prayers to Luis Diaz and his family during this trying time.

The Rise Of Luis Diaz At Football

Luis Diaz, a talented footballer who now plays for Liverpool, had a remarkable journey from his childhood in La Guajira, Colombia, to the Champions League final. He grew up in a modest area and faced doubts about his abilities due to his size and late start in professional football. However, he caught the attention of a talent scout who saw his potential during a trial and recommended him to Atletico Junior, a prominent Colombian club.

Diaz’s journey continued as he represented his indigenous community, the Wayuu, in a special football tournament, gaining recognition and confidence. He then joined Barranquilla FC and worked on improving his physical strength. His impressive performances led him back to Atletico Junior, where he became a fan favorite. Eventually, he moved to Porto and Liverpool, where he made a big impact in a short time. Diaz’s story is a testament to his determination and the support he received along the way.

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