Micah Richards astonished by Liverpool’s miss on £30 Million Midfielder, James Ward Prowse


Liverpool had to quickly find a replacement for their captain, Jordan Henderson, who unexpectedly left for Al Ettifaq at 33. They had already chosen Dominik Szoboszlai as his successor, and he’s been doing well, getting approval from football legend John Barnes. On The Rest Is Football podcast, Micah Richards raised a question about Liverpool’s decision. He wondered why they didn’t choose James Ward-Prowse, who’s thriving at West Ham. Richards thinks Ward-Prowse could have seamlessly filled Henderson’s role, and Liverpool might have missed out on a great opportunity.

“He is one of the signings of the season as well, Ward-Prowse,”

exclaimed Alan Shearer as he praised West Ham’s £30 million acquisition, highlighting the player’s impressive assists and dead-ball skills this season. Gary Lineker then suggested that bigger Premier League clubs might regret not signing the 29-year-old from Southampton. In response, Micah Richards asserted,


expressing his belief that Liverpool missed a crucial opportunity, stating,

“Liverpool should have bought him. He was destined for Liverpool. Replace Henderson, he does exactly what Henderson can do, and he has delivery as well. I’m thinking why has that not happened?”

Micah Richards questioned Liverpool’s decision, suggesting that James Ward-Prowse could have been a good fit to replace Jordan Henderson.

Micah Richards Queries Liverpool’s Choice Regarding Ward-Prowse

Honestly, it makes sense for Liverpool not to chase James Ward-Prowse this summer. Despite rumors linking him to the Reds, many think he doesn’t quite fit Liverpool’s standards. Critics say, at 29, he might be at his best already, and the fact that West Ham hasn’t made big strides with him backs up this idea. Even though he’s good, some doubt he’d make the big impact Liverpool wants to replace Jordan Henderson.

While Ward-Prowse had a solid start to the season with good stats, lots of people believe Liverpool needed someone more game-changing to step into Henderson’s shoes. They look at Dominik Szoboszlai as a different case, seeing him as a rising superstar for the team.

Ward-Prowse is good at set-pieces and has better stats in the first 12 games, but Szoboszlai’s intangible qualities make him Liverpool’s top pick for the midfield. Even though Shearer, Lineker, and Richards raised questions, most folks believe Liverpool and other top clubs won’t regret not picking Ward-Prowse too badly.

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