Performance Of £27m Arsenal Player Sparks Criticism After His Performance With His National Team


People are criticizing Gabriel Magalhaes from Arsenal for his performance in Brazil’s recent defeat against Colombia. He’s a 25-year-old defender and this was only his fifth time playing for Brazil. Even though Gabriel played okay, people thought Brazil would win, but Colombia played better. They took a lot of shots, and their goalkeeper, Alisson Becker, made some good saves to keep Brazil from losing even more.

Gabriel played alongside captain Marquinhos in defense, and they had a tough time because the midfield in front of them didn’t protect them enough. Gabriel did fine overall, but certain moments caught the attention and sparked discussions. In the 75th minute, people criticized him for his role in the goal that tied the score. Globo Esporte, giving Gabriel a 5/10 rating, highlighted,

“Like Marquinhos, he (Gabriel) was exposed and even managed in the first half, but succumbed in the final stage. In the first goal, he was unbalanced and was unable to cut.”

Even though people are criticizing Gabriel, they agree that he didn’t play totally bad. They’re pointing out that the difficult situation and the strong opponent are reasons why Brazil didn’t do well in the game.

Gabriel’s Performance: Noteworthy Effort Despite Arsenal Star’s Critics

Even though he got a not-so-great 5 out of 10 rating, Gabriel did some good things in the game last night. The Arsenal player showed he’s good with the ball, touching it 84 times and completing an impressive 93 percent of his passes, with 71 out of 76 attempts successful. He also did well defensively, winning four out of six duels, making an important tackle, and clearing the ball twice. Plus, he didn’t let any opponents dribble past him during the whole game, according to SofaScore.

Even though Gabriel didn’t give his best performance, it’s important to notice the good things he did, especially when some of his teammates didn’t play well. The Brazilian player, who cost £27 million, had decent overall stats, and even though he has things to get better at, he wasn’t terrible on the field. Now, we have to wait and see if he’ll keep playing in Brazil’s next match against Argentina, where he’ll face tough opponents like Lionel Messi and his team.

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