Transfer Talks Swirl as Pundit Highlights Speed Issue with £20m Liverpool Talent


Thiago Alcantara’s time at Liverpool has been a bit of a rollercoaster. He has shown flashes of brilliance, making him look like one of the best in the Premier League. However, he has struggled to keep up that level consistently, mainly due to frequent injuries. These injuries have made it tough for him to make a lasting impact on the team, creating a bit of frustration for both him and the fans. So, there might be a transfer at the end of the season.

In a recent chat with Squawka, Glen Johnson shared his thoughts on Thiago’s future at Liverpool. Johnson is a bit worried about whether Thiago fits well in the fast-paced style of the Premier League, mainly due to concerns about his speed. He also mentioned that Liverpool signed quite a few midfielders in the summer, which could make it harder for Thiago to get regular playing time due to increased competition.

Glen Johnson’s comments suggest that Thiago, who Liverpool bought for £20 million, might be on the transfer list of the team. This raises doubts about whether Thiago has a secure spot in the team in the long run.

Thiago’s Future in Doubt: Transfer from Liverpool on the Horizon?

Glen Johnson praised Thiago’s skills but noted his struggles adapting to the Premier League, citing injuries and pace challenges. Johnson is concerned about Thiago’s Liverpool future as new midfield signings might limit his playing opportunities. Johnson stated,

“I love Thiago as a player, he’s technically world-class, but he’s struggled with injuries, and I think the Premier League caught him by surprise a bit.”

Glen Johnson thinks it would be a shame if Thiago leaves Liverpool and is disappointed about that possibility. He highlighted Thiago’s potential if he can stay fit and play at his best. Yet, Johnson recognized the challenge of keeping a high-quality player like Thiago consistently available.

Glen Johnson, referring to the saying that being available is crucial in football, sees Liverpool’s new midfield signings as a bad sign for Thiago. It looks more probable that Thiago might leave the club soon, bringing a potential end to his time with Liverpool.

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